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Target Content Writing

Periscope | ​Packaging Book

After jazzing up their packaging book, Periscope realized their old copy wasn't as vibrant as the new design.

I updated their case studies with some quippy copy that felt more in line with the playful photography and bright colors.

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Leaps & Bounds Petco
Sour Brite Sneaks Trolli
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Google | ​Google Nest Banner Ads

Google has fantastic copy, but none of it had the seasonal/holiday focus they needed for these ads.

I wrote new copy that spoke to the season, but still kept the concise voice that the brand is known for.

Neiman Marcus | ​Designer Page Copy

SEO copy is frequently bogged down by keywords and doesn't reach the high-end tone NMG wanted to achieve.

My copy involved a greater depth of research and employed eloquent phrasing to better speak to a luxury audience. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-02 at 5.56.31 PM.png

Zhivago at Neiman Marcus


When Australian friends Lara Kovacevich and Lydia Tsvetnenko chose a name for their co-designed clothing label, they were also choosing a mission statement. The Russian word "Zhivago" translates to "daring," which sums up their aesthetic in a word. The Perth-based Zhivago label creates high-end women's eveningwear, but with a twist — this is eveningwear as if it were reimagined by pop stars from Mars. Combining women's power dressing, elegant details, and just a dash of early MTV, the curated edit of dresses, gowns, and jumpsuits by Zhivago at Neiman Marcus will change the way you get dressed up. The brand's signature strong shoulder appears throughout the collection, giving a structured look that pays homage to both '80s power suits and '70s glam rock costuming. On some styles, the shoulder is softened by sheer panels and floral appliques. On others, it's exaggerated, extended out and up to a crisp point. If you want to up the ante, pair your sharp-shouldered Zhivago cocktail dress with a Tom Ford padlock stiletto, then complete the look with the menacing elegance of an Alexander McQueen four-ring clutch. Equal parts romantic and provacative, Zhivago gowns and jumpsuits are red carpet catnip that will keep the cameras trained on your every move.

Target | ​Product Copy

Target's product pages weren't seeing the kind of conversion rates the company was aiming for.

My team streamlined processes to achieve a greater volume, and our copy quality increased conversion rates up to 4x.

Target Content Writing
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