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Philosophy | ​Packaging Concepts


Philosophy — a personal care brand known for their sparse, type-heavy packaging — was launching a line of makeup. The brief was to take the spirit of their black and white packaging and translate it into something a little more colorful.


With some of the packaging, the simple answer was to use their type treatment on a transparent package and let the color of the product shine through. For other products, I leaned into the theme of each line to inform my design choices.


For The Supernatural, that meant earthy neutrals and icons with a nod to nature. For Grace, the light and airy fragrance that gave the line its name served as the initial inspiration. Because Grace was aimed at a more mature demographic, we skipped the minimalist feel of The Supernatural and incorporated details and textures reminiscent of vintage beauty product packaging.


The last in this gallery is a favorite! While "sunshine" is an easy concept to convey, the cylindrical outer packaging was a fun challenge to take on. The end result was pleasingly tactile, begging to be picked up from the display.


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