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The Red Flags Podcast | ​Logo + Brand Identity Case Study


First and foremost, I'm a fan. A fan who coerced her favorite podcast into letting her work for them. Dreams do come true!


The Red Flags' dreams were also coming true, but their presentation wasn't on par with the quality of opportunities and guests headed their way. (Mario Andretti? Hello?!)


I created a logo that was clean and bold, yet had enough rough edges to convey that this wasn't another dry, technical Formula 1 podcast. The color scheme yells "F1!" without leaning on anyone's IP, and the negative space helps it stand out in apps that are flooded with new F1 pods.

The secondary typography choice is a simple serif face, but baseline and kerning fluctuations give it a mugshot-esque flavor that further suggests what to expect when you click play. That slightly unhinged energy rounds out with the tire track motif — an ode to the shunts and spins that make the sport so gloriously chaotic.


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