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The Red Flags Podcast | ​Merch Design + SEO Copy + Social Campaign


F1 fans want shirts that speak to them and don't cost 100 whole US dollars before tax.  The Red Flags want to sell them those shirts, but someone has to design them first. (And create a website, write SEO copy, come up with the  social campaign, etc.)


That's where I come in! I've designed plenty of merch for The Red Flags, but this shirt is one of my favorites. It features Oscar Piastri's face constructed out of his now-infamous tweet refuting Alpine's claim that he'd signed with them. Since the repetition of the tweet was a bit The Shining-esque, I ran with that for the social video we used to promote it. If you're not into F1, it may not make the most sense — just know that it makes me laugh hysterically every time I watch it.

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